Fayette County Commission.

District 3

Willie Ivey

My family and I are committed to and are invested in Fayette County.

I have been attending the Fayette County Commission meetings and work sessions for the past seven years. Usually I am the only one there from the public. I SEE what goes on FIRST HAND!

When elected, I will be the voice for those who have no voice.

Among the underrepresented in the Fayette County Commission are:

  • The 21.7% of the population of Fayette County who are 65 or older.
  • The 16.7% of Fayette County residents which have household incomes below the poverty line.

Those two groups, above, when combined with veterans, and those just above the poverty level, represent the majority of Fayette County residents.

All of Fayette County’s citizens need to know their concerns and ideas for bettering Fayette County are important and matter. They are important and they matter to me! I will represent YOU!

All Fayette County Citizens’ Concerns are Important!

I will inform and help the public (citizens) to understand the sources of County income and how that income is spent. For example, I will inform everyone how money is spent for the Sheriff’s office, jail, roads, Health Tax fund, Animal control, Nutrition services, General fund, County Engineer’s office, Court house, etc. It is important that we all can see where our money is being spent.

I will work to get the municipalities (Belk, Berry, Glen Allen, Fayette), Fayette County School Board, Hospital Board and County together and develop a vision on how we can work together to make Fayette County a better place for everyone.

In this county we have many different opinions but we need each other, working together with the same vision, to bring more businesses, industries, homes, and people to Fayette County.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Do we want to perish or will we work together to bring about a better Fayette County? We are all part of the whole that makes up Fayette County. We all should want the same things for Fayette County; which is to flourish and prosper and be a place people want to visit, do business, and live.

If we love this County, then we should want to work together for the betterment of our County. Let’s work together to make Fayette County better. You can start by voting for me as Fayette County Commissioner in District 3.

I am a family man, married with two grown children.  I am the Minister for the Inner-City Ministries.

You can depend on me to look out for your family as I would my own. I want your vote.

Willie Ivey

I want your vote for Fayette County Commission District 3

You can contact me by email at wivey10667@aol.com

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