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We are not required to agree with each other BUT we must respect the law and the truth. To save America we must first reject those who are destroying America for money.

America has experience with deep division. One such division resulted in the Civil War. 620,000 Americans died. The economy of the Country as a whole was decimated. The economy of the South collapsed.


WE MUST NOT FLIRT WITH SUCH DEEP DIVISION AGAIN. We owe it to those who died in the Civil War and, in fact, all wars to unite. The founders risked everything to create our Republic. Soldiers have given everything to preserve it. Their sacrifice must not be in vain.

Today our adversaries are much more capable of exploiting weakness than they were after the Civil War. As we weaken ourselves the bad actors are taking advantage of it.

Today we have a class of Americans who sell laundry detergent and pontificate to the masses. They are poisoning America and we are letting them become ultra wealthy in the process. If we don’t wake up to the deceit heaped on us from greedy media personalities, we will lose our Country. We not only will lose it for us but for our children.

We have four factors that are working against us.

  • Money
  • Power
  • Misinformation
  • Ignorance

Misinformation for profit. The new model for getting rich at the expense of our Country.

Until 1988 most news was reported by legacy news organizations like CBS and ABC. Then came Rush Limbaugh, CNN and Fox.

Why did we need more news companies?

Americans wanted media choices. Soap operas were not enough. Talk became popular. When you have a “Talk” show you must have something to talk about. If you can’t sensationalize the news viewers become bored and change the channel. Therefore, the successful model is to create a flame thrower that is disguised as a news show.

Compared to the new “half-truth” networks, many saw legacy news as boring.

Were legacy news organizations not reporting the truth? Yes they were but they had a liberal predisposition. Legacy news staff members were mostly college educated. They were generally broad thinking reporters who had been disciplined on discovering the facts and confirming that the “facts” were “factual”. Facts were important. . Anything other than “fact” was labeled “Opinion”. BORING!

Then Came Rush Limbaugh and Fox

Rush Limbaugh was not a journalist. He was a money machine and he needed to make people mad to keep the money coming in. Not to be outdone, Rupert Murdoch created Fox with a bit more news. He, like Limbaugh, depended on sensational headlines and opinion hosts. For those opinion hosts truth was not allowed to get in the way of their beach homes and private jets.

What is the problem with opinion hosts?

They are destroying America for money.

Laughing all the way to the bank. It doesn’t matter that they must weave through the smoldering ruins of the Country they destroyed on the way.

photo by AP

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are the poster children for rich people who have become rich by misleading Americans. They are especially  successful in influencing those who accept their words at face value. They lie or tell half truths to get viewers. The more viewers the more the sponsors pay for ads. When ads cost more, the host is paid an obscene salary. It is reported that Sean Hannity is paid almost $1,000,000 per WEEK. Hannity is not a journalist. He inflames viewers and feeds their prejudices. His actions personify MISINFORMATION for Money. For good measure he has guests he interrupts and belittles. Always entertaining.

Some say “they ALL lie!”

No they don’t.

Have you seen the BBC or read the news provided by Reuters or the Associated Press? They are the gold standard for journalistic integrity. CNN has incredible journalists but their opinion guests are often left-leaning. If you don’t like that, find another news source. But find one that tells the truth.

Due to the Trump cult created by Fox and others, decent people are advocating Un-American, Un-Lawful behavior. The FBI seizure of documents at Mar-a-Lago was “law enforcement”. Despite claims by the Trump cultists of supporting police, they decry the action of the DOJ. Comments are plentiful on social media that read  “get your weapons“, “Trump had the right to have those documents” and “The FBI is known to plant evidence“.

Who benefits from casting doubt on the premier law enforcement agency in the world?

This Rhetoric will Destroy America.

“Law and Order” Fox, News Max, One America and Trump all bang the “Law and Order” drum. The question is: “whose law” and “whose order“? The law and order I have seen from Trump is law and order from Hell.

When the DOJ recovered documents from Trump every law abiding American should have been thankful that even a President is not above the law.

If Trump is arrested a jury of normal Americans will have a chance to determine his guilt or innocence. That the FBI seized classified documents from his home, does not mean Trump will be convicted of a crime.

Responsible Americans should have called for reserving judgement until the facts were known. Instead Carlson, Hannity and their “wanna be” colleagues made disgraceful assumptions. They accused the FBI of routinely “planting” evidence. The right-wing flame throwers were given a gift and they are going to use it to poison minds about the FBI and , oh yea, make a ton of money. CNN has also made a lot of money by having this story to report. America has been further divided. Thanks Donald.

In the meantime America becomes more divided. Trump uses his cult for fund raising. Fox and CNN sell more Ads.

When we were young we had the presumption that people were good. How far have you strayed from that and what caused you to stray? If you saw a car crash into a power pole what would you do? Would you try to decide if the car was an electric car? (lefties) Maybe you would take the attitude of “Well I am not stopping because they were all going to die anyway…someday”. Would you consider ignoring the crash and its victims if they didn’t support Trump?

Too many who stain the airwaves are promoting this kind of division to enrich themselves.

Michael Dwyer AP

For many, anyone who doesn’t support Trump is “HUMAN SCUM”. Trump told his followers that. Imagine a President making such a dastardly statement. Where were the calls from his supporters to retract such an offensive statement?

Hannity and Carlson are screaming the Country is in danger.

Well intentioned Americans are answering the call to avenge a fraudulent election that wasn’t fraudulent. They broke down the doors of the Capitol to stop a lawful process that is authorized by our Constitution. They are being asked to break the law to preserve our Country.

You didn’t see Hannity or Carlson or Laura at the Capitol. If attacking the Capitol was needed to save America, why weren’t they there? They knew it was coming. They weren’t there because it was dangerous and unlawful. It would be a lot harder for them to enjoy their mansions and private jets from a jail cell. Best to let the “little people” be the dupes.

What about “other” bad presidents who didn’t go to jail?

You may say that Barak Obama was no saint. That would be a popular line for Steve Bannon and Sean Hannity. Obama was not a saint. BUT LET US MAKE ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR, Obama did not use the presidency to divide America. Obama did not lie constantly. He was diligent in his pursuit of preserving the respect America enjoyed around the world. He followed the rule of law and served America ethically.

The simple, sad, tragic fact is that Donald Trump did none of the above. He promotes division. Trump destroyed the trust of our allies. He sided with our enemies. He is indecent in his words and deeds. Donald Trump gave rise to a new industry of lies and un-American behavior. And yet, because the FBI executed a lawfully issued search warrant on his home, some Americans say “time to get your guns”.

What do the “gun getters” intend to do with those guns?

Will the “gun getters” overthrow the government? Are they going to replace it with people who are like them? Are they just going to disband government altogether? GET REAL. A call to arms is about as realistic as those same people deciding they will build a nuclear weapon in their back yard.

These people are unfit to govern themselves. Governing America is completely out of the question.

Rather than be the dupes of the people who want money, power and influence we must all use the tools that our founders gave us. To preserve our Republic they gave us a Constitution. They gave it to us at great personal risk. That document prescribes how people who really want to live peacefully and strong shall govern themselves. It gives us the tools, the right to vote, to make changes in our leadership and even to alter the Constitution itself.

Make no mistake, the Founders knew that there would be weasels who would try to subvert this gift. They made it difficult to make changes unless large majorities agreed to the changes. History tells us it is much harder to dupe a large majority.

Turn away from those who want to harm America.

There are better alternatives than a call to arms. We need to all carefully evaluate the motivation of the people to whom we listen. Are they out to educate us and tell us the truth or do they want to manipulate us?  We all know how easy it is to believe a rumor, especially one that is half-true or appeals to our prejudice or both.

Our leaders have spectacularly failed us.

During the Watergate scandal, President Nixon unlawfully ordered the theft of documents from Democrats. The truth of the story had been laid out. Despite that, most members of his party defended him. Then, recordings and testimony surfaced that clearly demonstrated Nixon’s role. The leaders of his own party went to the White House and made it clear that if Nixon did not resign, he would be impeached and removed from office.

Bill Clinton should have been confronted by the leaders of the Democratic party in just such a way. It wasn’t about sex with an intern. It was about lying to the Country and perjury.

Now we have Trump who has committed every unethical, un-American, indecent thing one can imagine. Yet, Republican national leaders, the Governor of Alabama and even our local representative are dangerously silent.


You may say elected officials are supposed to listen to their constituents. True, but officials are also in a better position to know the truth. Their job is to disregard the hucksters who sell pillows and life insurance on TV. Their job is to lead and to spread the truth, in contradiction to the lies seen on TV. But they are not. They are not willing to risk losing POWER by questioning the lies their constituents are being led to believe. They are neglecting their duty.

Promoting Rule of Law Kevin McCarthy's job. Instead he is giving oxygen to those who are destroying America

Kevin McCarthy condemned Trump’s role in the capitol attack. Now he threatens the members of Congress who are investigating it.

Preservation of POWER is more important than preserving the Republic.

photo Tom Williams CQ Roll Call AP

So, those of you who are angry, those of you who want to take up arms, SEEK THE TRUTH. DO YOUR DUTY!  (your elected officials are not doing it for you) Give a damn about America and our future as a Country. You want Freedom? Try starting with being free to question what right-wing nut jobs preach.

Demand that those who are standing for office be truthful and loyal to the Constitution. Demand that those standing for election promise to abandon a party label if that party puts more faith in winning elections than preserving our Union. Be damn mad that some who are standing for election have failed to protect us from leaders, past and present, who have put America in great peril.

Use your time, your influence and your decency to promote doing the right thing. Be a better neighbor. Do your civic duty. America, freedom and the rule of law are not going to protect themselves. Protecting those things for us and our children is OUR job.

 The story to which all Alabamians can relate.*

The issue is the dumping of lies on America by people who profit from dividing us.

What if the other team failed to concede defeat? Further what if they attempted to overturn the results and attacked the University?

Would any Alabama fan have thought this was legal or ethical? Wouldn’t Alabamians demand criminal acts be punished?

Matthew Emmons USA TODAY Sports

If we put this in Football terms the scenario could be this: Alabama defeated Michigan for the National Championship.  The Michigan coach, his assistants and administration shout to the roof top that Michigan actually won. Opinion hosts at news outlets in Michigan repeat and amplify the claim Michigan won. They post on social media to recruit thousands of Michigan fans to descend on Tuscaloosa where they intend to break in and take the Championship trophy.

They insist that Michigan won and they know it isn’t true. The opinion hosts know it isn’t true but many irate fans are calling in and buying the products that sponsor the shows. The NCAA is too timid to punish Michigan and the Governor of Michigan is afraid to stand for the truth for fear of losing her powerful job.

Stop the Steal!

The NCAA reviewed the entire game film. Officials re-certified the eligibility of the players. Experts rechecked the accuracy of the game clock. The length of the field was measured and the football was checked for proper air pressure. Nothing is found that would put the results of the game in question, nevertheless, the Michigan fans, led by the coach, go to Tuscaloosa.

If those fans break in to the Alabama facilities should they be arrested? If those fans hurt some of the campus police and Alabama State Troopers should they be tried and imprisoned? Should the Michigan coach be arrested for inciting a riot and conspiring to commit crimes? Should there be another word uttered by anyone that Alabama did not legitimately win the game?

Is it only the fault of the Michigan coach? It is his fault but it would have gone nowhere if the TV hosts had called him out and told the truth. It would have gone nowhere if the Governor of Michigan would have stated that Michigan didn’t win. And it would have gone nowhere if the Michigan AD had fired the coach for such an indecent act,

You decide. The scenario is very much similar to what we have just experienced but the stakes are massively higher.

Lost faith in elections is more dangerous to America than all of our foreign adversaries.

Don’t vote for anyone, Republican or Democrat, who praises someone who is a threat to America. Always demand that candidates affirm their faith in the election process.

Donald Trump did the unthinkable when he said the election was rigged.

He KNEW it wasn’t rigged. It was a shameless effort to undermine America.

“America First”? Really?

In the November election we find ourselves at a tipping point. Many candidates may be elected who ignore un-American behavior or, worse, might use their office to overturn a legitimate election. (Secretaries of State are an example of this)

Follow the lies of Hannity and his clones? There are more of us than there are of you.

We are usually not the loud ones. We outnumber the dangerous conspiracy merchants. For us “Law and order” is not just an empty slogan.

America is strong and getting stronger. If there was a low point, it is in our past. We will have challenges but we will rise to the occasion regardless of who or what threatens us.

America is strong and we have a tradition of rising to any challenge. Just because we are not the loudest doesn’t mean we concede our Country. We will follow in the footsteps of those from whom we inherited this great land. We will ultimately use legal means to ensure that those who have wounded our Country will regret it.

The number of real patriots is large and it is growing. Americans will not stand for the reprobates of history to cripple the USA.

How you are remembered is up to you. On your death bed will you be proud to have funded the lavish lifestyle of those like Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon and Roger Stone? If that sounds scary and repulsive join the “not so” silent majority.

Fayette Democrats want you!

Fayette Democrats are committed to demanding the truth from political leaders. We put Country over Party. Democrats have fought and died for a strong America. Supporting America begins with supporting and trusting each other.

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*This scenario did not happen and, hopefully, never will.

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