Concerns Regarding the Road Project – Fayette to I-22. Express your Opinion

The proposed expansion of Alabama Highway 171/43 from Fayette to I22 is not universally applauded.

Kay Ivey came to Fayette Feb 25 to announce the Highway 141/43 road project.

photo by Dean Maddox

Here are the facts:

PRO Fayette – I-22 Road Project

  • Fayette is has no four-lane access from any direction.
  • Rail transportation has been rendered impossible since the railroad tracks have been removed.
  • Complaints are numerous that, at, least until lately, there are few job opportunities in Fayette, but, without good access, manufacturers will favor other cities to locate facilities.

Opposition to Fayette – I-22 Road Project

  • Land acquisition for the project will disrupt homes, businesses and churches
  • The cost of widening the road from Fayette to I-22 is stated to be $245 million dollars
  • Many Fayette residents work and play in Tuscaloosa. Surely straightening and/or widening the last 11 miles of AL 171 to Tuscaloosa would save time and save lives. Many feel improving the road to Tuscaloosa should have been considered when deciding on a road project to benefit Fayette.

Many affected residents have expressed concerns about the land required for the expansion.

Those whose property will be affected are concerned that they will not receive fair value if the State buys their property moreover they are concerned that the State will claim imminent domain if they do not sell. Most of all, they are concerned that their rural way of life on property they have owned for generations will be no more.

Those in the town of Fayette are concerned that small town charm will be compromised. They voiced the observation “Whoever experienced small town charm near an interstate?”

Those who can have an impact on this issue include our state representative, our state senator and our governor. Let them know your concerns!

Contact information for your elected representatives are as follows:

  • Representative Kyle South 11 South Union Street Montgomery AL 36130-2102 334 261 0482
  • Senator Greg Reed 900 Hwy 78 E Suite 200 Jasper AL 35501 205 295 1523
  • Governor Kay Ivey 600 Dexter Ave. Montgomery AL 36130 334 242 7100 Twitter: @GovKayIvey Instagram: @governorKayIvey Fb: KayIveyAL (You must fill out a form to send an email at Contact the Governor Alabama)

To make further comments about this issue and others visit the Virtual Town Hall hosted by the Fayette County Democratic Party Here

Do you support the Fayette - I22 expansion?
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For those opposed to the project there is also a petition which has been created on by Leah Cavender. You can see the petition language and sign it, if you agree, at this web address. Stop the Highway 171N Four Lane Project

Post published at the request of Donna Jones, President Fayette County Alabama Democratic Party.

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