Katie Britt for U.S. Senate-Loyal to America or to Trump?

In November, Alabama will vote for one of the 100 most powerful positions in the world. The U.S. Senate has massive responsibilities. They can make things happen and, just as importantly, they can block things from happening.

Katie Britt’s ads cite Donald Trump in positive terms despite his disloyalty to America.

Rioters answered Trump’s call to do something that had never been done in American History, overthrow a presidential election.

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America is still discovering the degree of unfaithful, criminal behavior that was unleashed on us by Donald J. Trump.

The Jan 6th Select Committee has taken testimony and held hearings. Many of you have listened in disbelief to the shocking testimony given mostly by TRUMP insiders. These men and women said that they voted for Trump. They worked in the White House for Trump and, despite his lies and deceit, they voted for him in 2020. BUT then Trump tried to overturn the election. He lost his court battles. He couldn’t coerce state officials to illegally overturn the election.

He turned to his doomsday plan.

Trump began to orchestrate an insurrection and attack on the United States Capitol to prevent the electoral count. That was the last straw for many in “Crazy Trump World”. Many brave Americans decided to testify against him after enduring his lies for so long.

Former Trump loyalists said they were “sickened” to watch Trump not only do nothing to stop the attack but they saw him send Twitter messages that were intended to intensify the violence and to place the life of Mike Pence ( Trump’s own Vice President) in harm.

At the end of the day, when over 100 police officers had been injured, and our Capital defiled, Trump’s comment was “Mike Pence let me down”.

Katie Britt says “Protect our Military”-Trump lied to them.

Katie Britt says in her campaign advertising that she intends to “Protect our Military”. Donald Trump lied to men and women in uniform who were in Iraq. He told them, in person, that he was responsible for organizing a 10% raise in their pay. It was a lie. There was a raise but it was less than 3.5%. Some might say it was a slip of the tongue but Trump insisted that Congress did not want to agree to such a large pay raise for the military but HE, Donald Trump, forced them to pass it.

It was a mean, disrespectful , intentional lie to our service men and women who were in a WAR ZONE.

Katie Britt gave 4 examples in her advertising of things Trump did that she seemed to admire. Yet, when she made such a big deal about support for the military, she conspicuously did not mention this lie, Trump calling fallen heroes “losers and suckers” or Trump’s suspicious avoidance of military service.

How do you seriously say you support the military and support a President who showed such contempt for American heroes, living and dead?

Katie Britt says she learned to “Respect the dignity of a hard day’s work.”

Britt thanked trump for his endorsement saying “I’m thankful to have President Trump’s endorsement and strong support,” Britt said. “President Trump knows that Alabamians are sick and tired of failed, do-nothing career politicians. It’s time for the next generation of conservatives to step up and shake things up in Washington to save the country we know and love for our children and our children’s children.

Katie Britt has not only ignored the dastardly, unAmerican behavior of Donald Trump but she effusively thanked him for his endorsement.

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How do you respect the “dignity of .. work” and express admiration for a man like Trump? Trump begged for votes and demonized his predecessor for playing golf. Once Trump was elected he golfed 308 times in 4 years whereas his predecessor averaged 166 rounds in 4 years.

The man that Katie Britt uses as her model for being a good President wasted millions on his trips to his own properties. It is estimated that just Secret Service golf cart rentals ( yes he made the government pay for those at his own golf course) exceeded $500,000. Secret Service room rentals from Trump properties also exceeded $500,000.

But don’t forget that while Katie Britt shouts that she has “respect for the dignity of a hard day’s work” she also has time to praise a President who either too lazy or too dumb to consistently read the vitally important President’s Daily Intelligence Briefing. My guess is that good people of the Wiregrass area of Alabama would not take too kindly to a President who took national security so casually.

It should be noted that Trump initially endorsed Mo Brooks*, another shameful representative of Alabama , but he abruptly changed his endorsement to Britt. Given the lies, the disgraceful mocking of the disabled, the attempt to use the Presidency for personal gain and on and on, wouldn’t an honorable person RUN from a Trump endorsement? Yes, I think they would. That is the problem with Katie Britt.

Does Katie Britt respect the Constitution?

If Katie Britt is defeated will she say the election was stolen?

It is incompatible with our Republic and our Constitution to try to overturn election results. Yet, that is exactly what Donald Trump did. The evidence suggests that Trump caused injury and death in the violent attack he encouraged on the Capitol. He said then, and to this day, the election was stolen. Courts, his Attorney General, State Secretaries of State and his own campaign officials told him he lost. In spite of that he continues to promote candidates who share his view that the election was stolen. That is not the American way.

Katie Britt is asking for your vote to one of the highest offices in the land. Furthermore, she is seeking election to one of the most powerful offices in the world. She doesn’t condemn Donald Trump’s behavior. Katie Britt doesn’t say a single word about the unAmerican behavior and disrespect to his oath that were hallmarks of shame for Trump’s presidency.

Katie reminds us that her husband was a captain on the University of Alabama football team. I can enthusiastically give your a “ROLLLL TIDE” BUT if Bama tried to say that they won a game that they lost, my support and the support of most Tide fans, would evaporate. You would rightly think that Katie would have lost her appetite for Trump but she doesn’t seem to have lost a bit of it.

Isn’t honesty and playing by the rules more important in Washington than on a football field?

Katie Britt just oozes with references to God and Christianity. It is absolutely wonderful to have faith and profess that faith. How can you show such admiration for a liar and a cheat like Trump and also claim that you follow in the path of God? Those two things are 100% incompatible.

Is Katie Britt naive or a con artist?

Bernie Madoff was one of the most notorious con artists in American history. He swindled investors out of billions of dollars. He died in prison.

photo Louis Lanzano/AP

There have been some famous con artists in American history. Some were suspicious looking old men like Bernie Madoff and others were cute innocent looking young ladies like Elizabeth Holmes. The biggest con artist in American history was an orange-skinned old man with BOZO-like hair who tried to make everyone think he would put America First. In fact he put Donald Trump first. Many of his associates have been convicted of crimes. More of Trump’s associates have been convicted than any other President in American history. With each passing day it looks more and more like he will join the long list of “Trump World” convicts.

In her advertising Katie Britt speaks in glowing terms of the biggest con man in American History. She conspicuously uses the phrase “ALABAMA FIRST” in her advertising. You can decide is that is a coincidence with Trump’s empty “America First” slogan.

Senate Candidates: Lead with the truth, even if unpopular.

Someone who is asking to be a United States Senator should LEAD WITH THE TRUTH. When Katie Britt cites the accomplishments of Donald J. Trump there is a 10,000 pound GORILLA left sitting in the room. That gorilla demands the answer to these questions:

  • How can loyal Americans vote for you when you cite the accomplishments of the most deceitful President in American history?
  • Do you want us to believe that you follow the Christian God and casually ignore or condone indecent behavior on the part of a President?
  • Do you want us to think that you respect hard work and seeking one’s gains honestly while you admire and cite the accomplishments of someone who used American government money for personal gain?

Katie Britt is saying the words that she thinks uninformed voters want to hear. She wants to cast a wide net and catch as many misinformed patriots and blinded Christians as she can. She is counting on hiding the shameful inconsistency of loyalty to America while basking in Trump’s support.

We saw what can happen when someone is in office who has no moral fabric and no fidelity to their oath of office.

Katie Britt can not be elected to the U. S. Senate if she praises a fire chief who was also an arsonist determined to burn down the whole town.

*Mo Brooks stained himself and America yet again this week with his “NAY” vote on the “Respect for Marriage Act“. I suspect he would have no criticism of a heterosexual couple living together without the benefit of marriage BUT he voted in objection to allowing same-sex couples who want to add the respect of marriage to their union.

Stephen Fowler is responsible for this article and it does not necessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the Fayette County Alabama Democratic Party


  1. I agree 100% with your thoughts. To be elected to the Senate of this great Republic is an honor and great responsibility. At the least a senator should know right from wrong and good from evil. If you can accept the endorsement of a man who was willing to let the Republic and constitution die how can you honestly take the oath of office. This isn’t about red and blue. It’s about honesty and integrity which sadly is in very short supply as of late

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