Do You Respect Marriage?

If your answer is “YES“, stop reading, HOWEVER, If your answer is “YES BUT” let’s try to see why.

Why is this topic timely?

Recently the U. S. House of Representatives passed the “Respect for Marriage Act“.  The measure passed with 267 YES votes. Even though states provided for “Civil Unions”, civil unions are not the same as marriage. Most people believe the right for ALL couples to marry should be established in the law.

So why isn’t it good enough for gay couples to live together in a “Civil Union”? Why should they want a legally recognized “Marriage”? 


Many Gay American couples want to pledge their love, using conventional expressions and rituals. Shouldn’t they be given the same opportunity to propose “MARRIAGE” to the person whom they love?

Why would any American consider denying any couple the right to marriage?

Do you have a good answer?

To those who would deny marriage to a gay couple we “RESPECTFULLY”  ask HOW DARE YOU? Do you presume to be the arbiter of what is right and wrong for a committed couple? Isn’t it ESPECIALLY wrong, if  the demonstration of their love and devotion to each other creates NO HARM for anyone else??

HOW DOES ANYONE JUSTIFY interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of life of such a couple?

Are these heroes gay?

Would you refuse their help if they were?

Don’t they deserve legally recognized marriage just as much as anyone?

Civil Union is not the same and can cause problems

Here are examples of practical problems with “Civil Union”. Imagine a hospital employee misinterpreting the rights of a partner in a “Civil Union”. I can envision that hospital employee denying medical decisions to a civil union partner. Some financial rights of survivorship and other common marital rights could be denied to someone in a “Civil Union”. Marriage and a legally recognized marriage certificate resolve those dreadful scenarios.

One of the most celebrated documents in modern history is our Declaration of Independence. Each year most of us celebrate the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. Furthermore, we honor the sacrifices made by so many to make the Declaration a lasting reality.

We all remember Thomas Jefferson’s brilliant words:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [members of mankind] are created EQUAL, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.”

Why do some try to make others LESS THAN EQUAL?

Is it a misguided interpretation of religion? Is it a superiority thing? There is nothing AMERICAN or DECENT about trying to deny marriage to any American couple. They deserve real, unambiguous, legally and socially recognized MARRIAGE, not just civil union.

Now, with that in mind, 147 Republican members of Congress decided to VOTE “NO” to passage of the Respect for Marriage Act.

ROBERT ADERHOLT (ALA 4th Congressional District which includes Fayette) VOTED NO.


It is safe to say those Republicans voting NO would enthusiastically encourage marriage for a heterosexual couple? Do they have the moral or ethical right to deny the same sanctity of marriage for gay Americans?


Do the Republican men and woman who voted NO really believe that the UNITED STATES of AMERICA should discriminate against gay citizens? Marriage is honorable. Gay Americans deserve the right to marry just like anyone else. In contrast some Americans will ignore men and women living together without the sanctity of marriage. I dare say most of us ignore such behavior. It is OK to ignore it because it is none of our business. Hypocritically, however, those who voted NO tried to deny other couples who DESIRE to sanctify their union with marriage. Imagine that. Many of the same Republicans who voted No have lived with another in a romantic relationship without marriage but want to DENY a couple who want to marry.

Cynical politicians cast for votes using hate and ignorance.

IT IS ALL FOR SHOW! Most lawmakers who vote against common sense, declarations of decency and equality KNOW IT IS WRONG. They also know the small-minded among us will reward them with votes.

If you were taught to do the right thing, do NOT support such a mean-spirited act of legislative indecency. If you saw a home on fire or a couple injured in an automobile crash, would you ask if they are a married, heterosexual couple before you rendered aid? I THINK NOT. Nor should you support any law or lawmaker who doesn’t support our fellow Americans, gay or straight, in the rightful pursuit of happiness.

If you agree that truth and decency should be fundamental to government join us.

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  1. Well written article, I completely agree. One thing that baffled me about this whole thing; what valid reasoning could back up these opinions on marriage only valid to some? It’s just personal opinion bring pushed over on everyone, and it’s extremely frustrating.

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