Do you vote in every election?

If you do, GOOD JOB! If you don’t WHY NOT?

There are many reasons why you would not vote. I am sure you can list several of them. Those reasons might include:

  • Too busy
  • Didn’t realize it was election day
  • Forgot to register
  • Could not get away from work in time
  • Polling place too far
  • Know nothing about any of the candidates
  • Bad weather
  • My candidate can’t win
  • I’d rather watch TV

Those are but a FEW of the reasons people don’t vote!

How can we energize our commitment to voting?

Only you know what motivates you to vote. We want to give you good reasons to vote in every election.

So let’s take some of the excuses and look at them.

We owe it to those who gave us the right.

Why SHOULD we vote? Our founders risked everything for our independence. They gave us an enduring gift, the right to vote. Every time we vote it is like a “thank you” note to them for their courage and sacrifice.

Since the Revolution the United States has called upon young men and women to answer the call to duty. They have fought and died to keep Freedom alive. Don’t we owe it to those who have risked so much and paid such a high price?

If we could hear the voices of the fallen, what would they say?

Even if your candidate doesn’t win, you have made a difference!

Some think that if their candidate doesn’t win, they have wasted the time to vote. REALLY?

Think about the complexity of politics and politicians. They look at everything. They look at who voted. They look at who didn’t. They analyze how many voted for their opponents and why. They look at all of the votes for others and realize that MAYBE they, the winning candidate, better accept some of the ideas of their opponents. At least they will realize that they should soften their differences. After all, they want to win next time too.

The votes that are cast for losing candidates are not wasted. They help influence the policies of the winners. In a world where politicians want to remain in office forever, they must listen, even to those who didn’t support them.

What if there is only one candidate in an election and you feel strongly they are not right for the job? You have two choices.

  • Don’t vote
  • Write in a name everyone knows like George Washington. If the write-in candidate received many votes it would be strong signal.


1. Do your Duty

2. Influence the winning candidate with your support for the loser’s ideas.

There is one more tiny reason to vote:

Your vote may cause your candidate to win!

When you work on community projects you influence others. When you show your support for your candidates you influence others. Your influence will give your candidate a better chance to win.

What can you do other than vote? You can start with a yard sign. Afraid that some will criticize your choice? Sometimes we must sacrifice a bit of popularity. Many others have sacrificed more.

Patriots who disagree with your choices will respect you for letting your voice be heard. If they don’t respect you for that, what do they respect?

Remember: Election Day is the “other” Memorial Day. On Election Day we honor those who have passed to us the gift of Democracy.

Election day is the “Other” Memorial Day!

Other things you can do:

  • Encourage others to register to vote.
  • Encourage town hall presentations by all candidates. It is easy for candidates to write a few snippets about themselves and post those on a poster or newspaper ad. It is often MUCH more enlightening to hear them answer questions and state their ideas in front of a live audience.
  • Contribute to your favorite candidates. It is much more expensive to stand for office than you might think.
  • Participate in events that promote community civic projects. When we work with others we hear other ideas. That is good for our community and good for America.

We Are Back!

The Democratic Party of Fayette, Alabama is back. We are going to practice what we preach. We are going to encourage everyone to vote. We are going to help ANYONE to register. We are going to organize projects to help our community and we will help other organizations with projects if they need extra help.

Why are we coming on so strong? We are coming on strong because Democracy suffers when its citizens are fed a steady diet of one point of view.

Those who think they are in the minority in a community can easily feel that they have no voice. They do have a voice but only if they use it.

There are many philosophies which are shared by Democrats, Republicans and independents. We want to EMPHASIZE those. We think that TRUTH in government is one thing, upon which, we all agree. Respect for different ideas helps everyone. We know that we get better government when more participate.

When Alabama and Auburn meet on the football field, do we really want to know in advance who will win? Even the winner often gets some good ideas from the losing team (kick six). If Auburn wins, do we want, or would we tolerate, Nick Saban proclaiming that Alabama won and that the game was rigged? NO. We should expect no less integrity in something as vital to all of us as our government.

If you want to make a difference join us. If you want to see better government because the pool of candidates becomes deeper and wider, join us. If you don’t consider yourself a Democrat, join us. We are open to ideas and your differences will be treated with respect.

If any of this sounds reasonable to you, donate to help with our community projects. We have made it easy with the “Donate” button on every page. If you don’t want your donation to assist with candidates or elections, just say so. That’s okay. Your donation is not made public.

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Fayette Democrats want everyone to vote, regardless of your party affiliation. We will gladly help you register to vote. Will also help you navigate your voting options (absentee, in-person voting, voting places, voting times and dates).

For help with registration and other voting question click here.

Another source of information, specific to voting in Fayette Alabama can be found at the Fayette County Board of Registrars.

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