Democrats in Fayette – Reporting for Duty!

We are back to assert what we believe most people want from their leaders… honesty, truthfulness and decency.

How do we get that message to those who want it?

(Doesn’t everyone want those things? And, if not, why?)

We have two choices. They are:

  • Hastily focus on fielding candidates and losing credibility.
  • Develop a rapport with everyone and worry about candidates and campaigns later.

We are going with Community Service now… politics can come later.

So Fayette Democrats are coming together to take the path less traveled for a political party. Yes we are going to be active in recruiting candidates and helping the best candidates win elections, regardless of their political affiliation. But where we are going to spend the bulk of our time, energy and money is in the community.

Which voters are we targeting?

The point is: We are not targeting ANY particular voters! We are dedicating our comeback to the idea of creating a bond with everyone. That includes voters, young people, Republicans, Democrats and those who don’t know (or care) what they are.

There are plenty of other organizations like churches, food banks, government agencies and the like to handle community issues, right?

Well what about kids who would like to play sports in the summer and either don’t know how or can’t afford the equipment, or both?

How about the wonderful career options that exist in the world that are closed to our children because there is no way for them to even know how to begin to pursue those careers? We can do something about that.

How about the civic groups that discover their project has gotten bigger than their membership can handle?

How about the lonely dogs and cats at the animal shelter that some family would happily adopt but for the mandatory fee of spaying or neutering them?

These are the types of things that the Fayette Democratic Party members are tackling. We are doing these things because they are needed. In spite of all of the programs offered by the city and all of the activities sponsored by churches and civic groups, there are still MANY opportunities to make a difference for our neighbors.

When we help our neighbors and our community we are helping ourselves and we are helping America.

Democrats are not all the same!

If you are not a Democrat you should know this: Not all Democrats are alike. We don’t think alike about everything. We don’t agree how to do everything. We would not all vote for the same person for a government post.

More importantly there are things about which we all agree.

We all believe in the America that our Founders gave so much to create. We all honor those who have served to preserve it and we all believe in the importance of the THE TRUTH!

You don’t ask the political affiliation of firefighters who come to put out your house fire. You don’t ask the political affiliation of the police officers who respond to a burglary at your home. I am sure you would not ask your rescue helicopter pilot who he/she voted for in the election. Democrats are represented in all professions. Some of you who identify as Republicans will decide that the Democrats are more aligned with your thinking than any other party. So now that that is out of the way let’s agree that political party identification is not as important as getting things done.


We have a bushel basket of ideas and projects in the works but we welcome any ideas from anyone. The Virtual Town Hall (Forum) on this website has a place for giving your thoughts.

If you are a civic group or a government agency and you have projects that need help, reach out to us. We not only want to pursue our own ideas but also want to project our talents and enthusiasm to any worthwhile endeavor.

You do not need to identify as a Democrat, to propose ideas for community service. You don’t need to be a Democrat to assist with youth camps that we organize.

We are your neighbors and we intend to be neighborly. We have fought for America and we are going to continue to be a positive force in our Country and our Community. Unlike some, for whom talk is everything, our hallmark will be what we do and how we do it.

Our pledge is to make the world a better place for our children and their children. We will only do things toward that end that are based in truth. We will promote the return to decency in words and actions.

We intend to start here and now.

Read some of the other opinion pieces here. We welcome opinion for moderation and publication.


  1. Looking forward, being positive and creating real change for everyone. Thats what we are all about. Way to go Fayette County Democrats!!!

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